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Powder Coating Services

ColorFast Industrial Powder Coating is a highly efficient, full service powder coating finisher offering value-added services to help you get your parts coated, assembled, packed and delivered. We can handle your larger orders and parts - up to 20 feet in length, and we GUARANTEE a 5 day turnaround on reoccuring orders. Our services include the following:

  • Powder Coating

  • Masking and Unmasking

  • Sub-Assembly

  • Final Packing Off-Line

  • Sticker/Decal Application

  • Drop Shipping

  • In-House Tooling Design

Materials Coated

  • Steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum castings, aluminized steel, galvaneal, powdered metal and sintered metal.


  • Colors: Entire RAL Classic Color Palette, Custom Color Matches and All Stock Colors from Eight Suppliers

  • Textures: Wrinkles, Illusions, Light Textures, River Textures

  • Formulas: Epoxies, Epoxy Hybrids, TGIC/Polyester, Polyester, Urethanes, Acrylics, Teflon, Vinyl Like Coatings

  • Specialties: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Gassing (OGF), Federal Standards/Military, High-Temperature Finishes up to 1,000° F and Marine Grade


ColorFast Industrial Powder Coating Service Area


States: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Central States
Cities: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, BRoken Arrow, Bixby, Dallas, North Dallas, DFW, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Kansas City, Wichita, Arlington, Midwest City, Del City, El Reno, Elk City, Woodward, Norman, Gainesville, Durant, Yukon



The Paint line circulates around one half of our warehouse. It passes through different stations. The stations include an open section for inspection, sections for Coating, a cleaning section, and the baking and curing section located in the oven. The line is constantly moving keeping a steady pace and allows for better scheduling.  The powder line has a work envelope and can accommodate parts up to 18” wide 48” tall and 48″ long, and weighing up to 100 pounds.


The batch area is designed to coat small volume and larger size/heavier weight parts.  Large custom configured racks are used to roll the parts securely between the processes of pretreating, prebaking and coating. Our batch process can accommodate parts up to 6′ wide 6′ tall and 14′ long.



For parts being restored or having heavy surface rust, media blasting is required to create an etched surface allowing for maximium coating adhesion.  The cleaner the surface of your part, the longer the coating will last.  However, in high volume processing blasting can be very costly making chemical pretreatment attractive.


ColorFast Coatings uses one of the newest and "greenest" pretreatment processes.  Our single stage phosphating pretreatment process etches the surface of your part promoting excellent adhesion.  It is a waterless process that removes rust and primes all surfaces of the part and prevents rust even in masked areas.  This is a proven process used by some of the World's largest manufacturers.  We also offer 5 stage zirconium pretreatment on high volume processing.


Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic materials in a low-oxygen environment. Our Controlled Pyrolysis burn off oven strips paint and extends the life of your paint process and tooling investment. Our system is environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. If safely removes powder coating, paint and other finishes to restore parts to their original bare metal state.

  • Paint & Powder Coating

    • Hooks and Fixtures

    • Finish preparation

  • Auto-Parts and Engine Rebuilding

  • Reclaiming Diesel Particulate Filters

  • Restoration Specialists

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