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ColorFast Coatings is uniquely qualified to be your coating provider.  In manufacturing, our Team has made products that have been sold around the World.  From motorcycles (Ridley Automatic Motorcycles®) to warehouse moving equipment (Roller Industries™), we know what it means to be a great supplier.  Communication, consistent quality and fast turn around is built into our supply system to ensure our customers get exactly what they need to make their products look and perform to their best ability.

Clay Ridley

Clay is an innovator in every sense.  His ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions have lead him to numerous startup manufacturing companies and several patents. He strives to continually make our coating processes better.

Valerie Park

Communication is her middle name.  Valerie works with our customers and vendor to keep prices low and customer satification high.

Jay Ridley

Whether it's sales, marketing or customer service Jay keeps the pipeline full and our partner customers coming back.  He works with our customers and staff to ensure the right coatings and processes are used to maximize the value of coating.

Steve Krout
Production Manager

As a former Army Officer and production manager at Cessna Aircraft, Steve's experience in management keeps our crew motivated and on time.

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