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Uncompromising Quality          Unparalleled Communication          Incredibly Fast Turn Around

Manufacturing has enough challenges.

Your Powder Coating partner should not be one of them.

ColorFast Powder Coating is committed to being a solution to our customers challenges by exceeding quality standards, beating turn-around needs and by providing real-time, reliable status information.


The Process


Get A Quote

Provide us with the project or part details including dimensions, type of material, color, quantity and the durability requirements and we will quote your project in less than 24 hours.


Process Details

We will build a process standard for your project that fits your specifications.  This includes our Manufacturing Process Standards (MPS) and Quality/Testing Procedure that our team of experts will follow to ensure the predicable quality is maintained from the first part to the thousandth part and beyond.


Sit Back & Relax

Rest assured we are working to complete your job to your set standard from start to finish.  We document the process and can provide process and inspection reports to meet your requirements.  Our process will automatically notify you when your parts are complete.


As a job shop powder coater, ColorFast expects our customers to rely on us to provide better, faster and more predicable service than if they did it in house.  Quality starts with a well maintained operation and a work flow that is streamlined and efficient.  Products Finishing has recognized ColorFast Powder Coating twice for our attention to detail and operational excellence.  Let us show you what we can do to help your company.

  • Member of the Powder Coating Institute

  • American Architectural Manufacturer's Association Certified. AAMA 2604/2605

  • Products Finishing Top Shops Award

  • Approved Applicator for Manufacturers across the United States.

  • Automatic Conveyor Line Coating, Batch Powder Coating, Media Blasting


ColorFast Powder Coating

44 NW 44th Street,

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Tel: 405-601-8023

Success! Message received. If you have a time critical project, please call us at (405) 601-8023. We are eager to help you.

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