ColorFast Coatings - OEM, Industrial & Commercial Powder Coater.

We are a trusted partner that delivers consistent quality finishes when you need it.


We take pride in providing "measurable quality".  Our rigorous quality control process ensures thorough coating coverage and a measurable thickness average (MTA) between 2.0 - 4.0 mil thickness or higher to meet our customers needs.



We understand our customers needs and know that processing parts as quickly as possible is required.  Typical turn around is 5 days or less.  Our semi-automated powder coating line is capable of powder coating more than 1,000 parts per hour.



ColorFast Powder Coatings has developed a number of innovations that make our system faster and more efficient.  Our patent pending SureCure™ system monitors the curing process in real time to ensure parts are cured to specification.



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