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ColorFast Coatings - OEM, Industrial & Commercial Powder Coater.

We are a trusted partner that delivers consistent quality finishes when you need it.


We take pride in providing "measurable quality".  Our rigorous quality control process ensures thorough coating coverage and a measurable thickness average (MTA) between 2.0 - 4.0 mil thickness or higher to meet our customers needs.



We understand our customers needs and know that processing parts as quickly as possible is required.  Typical turn around is 5 days or less.  Our semi-automated powder coating line is capable of powder coating more than 750 parts per hour.



ColorFast Powder Coatings has developed a number of innovations that make our system faster and more efficient.  Our patent pending SureCure™ system monitors the curing process in real time to ensure parts are cured to specification.


The ColorFast Difference.

For several decades, our company's founders have been in the manufacturing business.  From footwear to motorcycles, the Ridley's understand what drives business and what it means to be a reliable vendor.  We strive to meet our customers needs for finish, consistency, turn around and communication.  Our company has grown to meet the needs of some of Oklahoma largest manufacturers while maintaining our core values.  Innovation is at the center of our process.  We've developed a proprietary process that guarantees your parts are fully cured meeting or exceeding the powder coating manufacturer's specification.  The process ensures consistency in the cure and takes the guess work out of the process. 

The Right Tools, Equipment and Experience.


ColorFast Powder Coating

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